When is the best season to take pre-wedding or engagement photo?

When is the best season to take pre-wedding or engagement photo?

What month is the best wedding photographs ? This question as wedding style , like, so we do not know how to choose , today’s young people are particularly exquisite, all want their wedding photographs are particularly perfect , but to work hard for it first it is important to choose the right season , then a few months to take wedding photos best?

1, the first look at two people’s emotions and physical condition , because at that time the whole state of mind is good, two people’s feelings are more sweet , this time the optimum tune wedding ;

2 , try to avoid the bad weather of the season, but some people also singled rainy day, want is a unique and distinctive , called the opposite ;

3 , a few months the best wedding photographs Spring is the season of rebirth , a lot of plants and flowers are out, different colors , especially the beautiful bride styling and flowers best contrast , elegant romantic atmosphere is more prominent in the spring ? ;

4 , summer is the rainy season, is relatively hot, try not to choose in the summer , if you slap interior , then you can, but location can imagine , almost fall and spring temperatures , color is golden yellow, location of wedding photographs Maple Leaf when you can choose what kind of match ;

Reminder: Southern Hemisphere climate and weather in the northern hemisphere is the opposite

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