Let wedding photos more superior posture

About to shoot the wedding couple , there is no position yourself in the picture it ? Want to learn a few make the wedding more superior posture it? ? Let Alan to teach you the recipe for it .

The first position is to highlight the confident stance . The people of the state will be enlarged through the lens , if you show self-confidence , the lens will magnify your confidence , if you sluggish performance , the lens will magnify your malaise . So confident performance in front of the lens to keep standing upright , upright, shot record is full of temperament confident you . In addition, the effect of the skin can also be refracted obviously, so make sure your skin is able to capture the day vibrant , radiant , drink plenty of water to keep the skin moisture .

The second position is that the performance of the natural posture posture . To maintain this position after their natural sloping shoulders , arms drooping naturally or natural bent, the whole body lines highlight the kind of natural beauty. Not too close to the arm away from the body , natural bent arm holding a bouquet , bouquet down a little bit , even more natural looking .

The third position is that makes you even more thin in front of the camera position. For comparison plump mm who, standing on your feet when the previous one by one , knees slightly bent , upper body leaning backwards , such a posture is very significant in the thin lens .

These are Alan KLLeung highlight for your wedding recommended posture . If you like , the adoption of Alan ‘s comments , quickly shoot precious wedding pictures ~ ~ I wish you have a good shooting experience.


快要拍婚紗照的新人,有沒有自己拍照的姿勢呢?想不想學幾個讓婚紗照更出眾的姿勢呢? ?讓Alan來教您幾招吧。




以上是Alan KLLeung為您推薦的突出婚紗照的姿勢,怎麼樣,是不是很不錯呢?如果您喜歡,採納Alan的意見,快快去拍美美的婚紗照吧~~祝您拍照愉快



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