1: Can I pay in installments?

Yes! The deposit is 50% of the total amount and is paid at the time of booking. 50% of the final payment must be paid at the end of the shooting day

2: How long does it take to get photos/movies/physical products after shooting?

Photographs are delivered within 3 months after 1 month of filming; films are delivered within 4 months after 2 months of filming; physical products such as photo albums, paintings, etc. are delivered within 90 days after confirmation of post-production; Fee of $1,000

3: How many times can I modify my photo/video?

Each photo or each video can be modified up to 3 times; if you modify the 4th or above, you will need to pay an additional fee of $500/time.

Touch-up definition:

Keynote: Confusion to avoid professional refinements and newcomers’ perceptions

To determine the definition of the touch-up

3.1 Touch-up is divided into <normal touch-up> and <special touch-up>

3.1.1 <Normal touch-up> is mainly based on repairing. Exaggeration is not provided.

The main scope divisions are:
*White or black dots in the picture
* Liquefaction of the face or arm or waistline
* Skin texture modification
(It can be used to touch-up the lines of the eyes, smile lines, neck lines)
(The texture can be touched-up to look up. Crow’s feet, underarms)
*Invisible bra or vice milk repair
* Double chin lines are smooth
*The dress is off the line
* sweat on the face

3.1.2 <Special Touch-up> The main spirit is to modify or repair the existing objects or shapes or colors in the picture.

*Teeth whitening
* Size eye or facial expression adjustment
*The tendons or hamstrings have to be repaired.
*The halo/spot of an object or lens in the background should be repaired
*Requires tone adjustment
*Replenish hair, make up color, make up the lawn, make up the trees, etc.
*Browning eyebrow color
*Lighten the lip lines
* shaved skin color or two skin color differences

*AM VISUEL LTD reserves the right of final interpretation and final decision on the scope of special touch-up.

4: Can I change the shooting date if the shooting weather is not good?

If the weather forecast is bad before the day before shooting, you can change the shooting schedule for free.

5: Can the service be transferred or changed?

Yes! If you need to transfer or change, please be sure to notify at least 1 month in advance so that we can arrange for you.



2: 拍攝後多久能拿到照片/影片/實體產品?


3: 我可以修改照片/影片多少次?



主旨: 為避免專業修片與新人認知有所不同而產生混淆


3.1修片分為<正常修片> 和 <特殊修片>

3.1.1 <正常修片>主要以修順為主 不提供誇張過度的修飾

(可修淡紋路為眼袋 笑紋 脖紋)
(可修掉紋路為抬頭紋 魚尾紋 腋下紋)


*補頭髮 補髮色 補草坪 補樹木等

*AM VISUEL LTD保留是否為特殊修片範圍的最終解釋權和最終決定權



5: 服務可轉讓或更改嗎?



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