Portrait ■ Milk ■ 空靈


That “has a psychic space”, which belongs to recall, Lenovo, hallucinations, manufacturing result imagine. This space, not just painters, artists, writers, philosophers thought that the sole provision of Reiki during intercourse organic aesthetic psychology course. But a conscious thinking inanimate objects from the Chinese people and the whole universe, is extremely individual, self-feeling and mood of poetic, idealistic, thinking it is their inherent understanding of the perception of images that are experiencing: conflict, contradiction, struggle, interaction, communication, understanding, balance, experience, enjoy the process of self-purification over its performance in a positive mood and self-perception in, there will be a physical and chemical build into spiritual abstract interpretation. Ethereal as a “spiritual space” to understand that it is three-dimensional, infinite, invisible, unstable, with a great manifestation of the hidden nature of uncertainty.


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