Rights and Obligations/服務條款

Rights and Obligations

1), Party A* shall pay the service fee at the agreed time.

2), Party A & B* shall reach the venue on time, and party A shall actively cooperate with the requirements of Party B to finish shooting.

3), Any change of the shooting date is required 30 days in advance to inform Party B, and Party B shall obtain consent. 

4), Party A shall do the photo selection (if any), and collect the products on agreed date.

5), Party B should be based on honesty, credibility, enthusiasm and respect for the wishes of the Party’s principle for the Party to provide services including consulting, makeup, clothing, styling.

 6), Party B shall ensure the quality of the photos and the quality of the finished product. Party A shall obtain Party B’s approval for the photo finishing and artistic processing.

7), B could negotiate the price of the relevant raw photos or footage of videos to the Party, if the Party does not accept, data will be deleted.

8), If the products are not collected for more than six months, Party B could exercise the notice and should not be responsible for the proper handling of the obligation.

Other agreed matters

1). Party B shall return half of the service fee and make refund or compensation according to the actual situation if Party B fails to complete the service agreement if the image data is lost or partially in the course of shooting service. The maximum amount of compensation does not exceed 2 times the service charge.

2). Party A may choose to pay for the enlarge and make other products beyond the scheduled photos by adding the fee, and sign the supplementary agreement at the negotiated price.


   3a). According to the creation regulations, the ownership of the image is the photographer (Party B), and the photographer has the right to use the work. 

  3b). Photographer grants Party A a lifetime license for unrestricted use of the images without royalty. 

Breach of contract

1), The deposit will not be refunded if Party A proposes to terminate this contract or breach of this contract during the performance of the contract.

2), Party B to terminate this contract in the seven days before the shooting date, Party A return double the deposit. On the day before shooting has not been able to provide services, the Party should return 5 times the deposit.

3), As the day of shooting hang typhoon signal No. 8 or above, or a black rainstorm warning, the two sides should discuss change the shooting date.

Dispute Resolution

If there is any dispute in the performance of the contract, the parties shall consult on their own, or apply to the relevant industry organization and the Consumer Protection Committee for mediation. Negotiation or mediation fails, apply to the court for prosecution.

*Party A: buyer; Party B: service provider